Here at dispensary cannabis shop, weed cans in recent years has become a trending alternative in the cannabis market. So,thanks to it’s exquisite packaging, weed tins are rapidly taking over the cannabis market. The discretion and stealth brought about by the unique packaging is unparalleled. dispensary cannabis shop provides with nothing but top cannabis strains. Buy weed cans online from dispensary cannabis shop and be amazed. Buy weed cans from our online shop

Fire OG, Crazy Glue, Punch Cake, Gushers, Skywalker OG, Sex Fruit, Purple Punchsicle, Grape Ape, Do-si-dos, Amnesia Haze, Blueberry Muffin, Nubie OG, Jack Fruit, Reckless Rainbow, Punch Breath, Paris OG

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Product Feature:

– The cans size: 65*27mm;

– The cans with flavors stickers;

– This item include all the parts of the smartbuds tin cans;

– Please notice the tin can need special machine to seal it, cann’t seal by hand;

– The stickers and tin is separately, we don’t paste the stickers on the tin.

Flavors sticker options:

Wedding cake
Sour Og
Gorilla Glue#4
King Louis XIII
OG Kush


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