Moon Rock


Happy                         59%
Uplifted                      68%
Energetic                    62%
Euphoric                     49%
Creative                       46%
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Moon rock is a marijuana bud coated with sticky THC concentrate and rolled in kief. Their thick outer coating makes the buds dense and barely recognizable, resembling something closer to a mossy pebble than a nugget of marijuana flower.

Essentially the Turducken of weed, this strain was popularized by rapper Kurupt and producer Dr. Zodiak. Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak have won High Times Cannabis Cup awards for their products, which include flavors like strawberry, black cherry, and even vanilla ice cream. Their moon rock weigh in at a whopping 64% THC.

where to buy moon rock online in USA  While most popular strains of cannabis contain a THC content of 17-28%, this strain average closer to 50% THC. Any strain may be used to create this strain, but popular favorites include Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel (the resulting product is aptly named Sour Moonrocks). Resin and kief can easily overpower mellower strains, but GSC and Sour Diesel are ideal choices due to their strong flavor profile.

Moon rocks are also known as caviar because of their prized flavor and high price tag. They tend to fly off dispensary shelves, despite the fact that a gram can cost around $50.

Moon rocks have gained notoriety for the fact that they are ultra-potent. The high is described as a multi-dimensional experience with strong cerebral, psychedelic effects dominated by an intense body high. Medical patients may seek out this cannabis product for its relaxing and body-numbing effect. It is highly recommended to use in the evening or after you’ve completed all of your important tasks for the day.


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