Honey Stash



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How did the Honey Stash begin?

Well… It all started with a phone call. A beekeeper had heard that there was a lady, who had a  Organic farm up on Strawberry Hill.

The farmer was Caroline (my mum) and that beekeeper was David Wainwright!

When David arrived with his bee hives, Caroline insisted on helping out. Together in the rain Strawberry Hill apiary was established… and so was a relationship!

With a beekeeper now in the family an interest in bees and honey began.

 A few months later, we placed some hives in our 100 acre woodland on the farm on Salisbury plain.

 “The Warren”.

 A rich array of wild flowers,

sainfoin, clover and lime trees.

Last September the bees at the Warren lent us supers from the hives as seating for our wedding in the magical woodland.


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