White Cheese


Hybrid | AAAA | THC: 24%, CBD: 0.4%

  • Happiness                 100%
  • Euphoria                      97%
  • Relaxation                   95%
  • Sleepiness                   50%
  • Giggles                         45%
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White Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that produces a scent and taste reminiscent of its name while having skunky undertones. Its buds are shaped like peppers, being dense with deep green calyxes and trichomes that lighten its tones.buy weed online

THC levels average out at around 16%, although there is some variation depending on cultivation and curing methods used. Its high has been described by some of its reviewers as creating a heady, spacey effect as focus decreases. Some noted that their mood vastly improved and their body felt euphoric as relaxation overwhelmed them, with some noting they soon fell asleep. Others enjoyed a spa session or meditation session while using White Cheese.

Parent strains of White Cheese are a cross between the two popular indica strains Afghani and Super Skunk.

Despite its relatively low THC content (14%), White Cheese boasts a 4% CBD level, which is remarkably high considered it’s a marijuana strain. This compound alone is capable of relieving pain, inflammation, anxiety, and chronic body pain. But when combined with THC, these health benefits get potentiated allowing users to achieve relief from their ailments without having to use the strain in abundance.

However, if you’re looking for a calming and peaceful sleep, you might want to sprinkle a bit more of White Cheese’s ground buds on your evening joint.

Because of the THC/CBD ratio, White Cheese is perfect for those who want to begin their adventure with different cannabis strains. It doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia even when consumed in high doses. Instead, you can expect dry mouth and dry eyes if you take your cheesy session too far.


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