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Bezel Catridges bit back at the cartridge ban and has always been in the business of being towards the top of the list of the established cartridge brands that stand out for their tremendously prestigious terpene profiles and high-quality strains. While the ban took its toll on the majority of developing and growing cartridge companies within the Portland cannabis industry, the BEZEL brand behind the True Terpenes powered distillate cartridges has recently released some newer cartridge flavors to add to their already grand selection of strains.

BEZEL has a range of cannabis cartridge flavors to choose from, all of them suited for every user’s favored state. BEZEL has always taken its consumers into great consideration by guaranteeing a clean unfailing user experience with quality reassurance. This may be an unknown fact to some in the cannabis community but the terpene titans, True Terpenes, collaborated with the munchie mavericks Hapy Kitchen to take on the BEZEL product line, the first extract line in Oregon that’s solely based on the authentic profiles and entire effects of terpenes. BEZEL takes consistency a step further by providing their consumers with proprietary terpene profiles and exclusive strains that are crafted to equip and maintain the preferred Sativa (UP) and Indica (DOWN) experiences so that all users can have confidence in their BEZEL cartridges.

Bezel Catridges doesn’t bluff! Their distillation process used to create their premium cartridges, that are then enriched with True Terpenes strain profiles, are formulated virtually the same every single time! Although every consumer’s vaping experience may differ based on tolerance or desired effects, the profile of the strain stays the same.

Just a fraction of an inhale of the flavorful essence of the Forbidden Fruit from BEZEL bears a medley of berry bliss. This pungently purple strain is the compelling cross of champion cultivars Cherry Pie and Tangie. This sweet blend of cherry blossom, grapefruit and clear hints of cedar is offset by the floral yet musky scents that will please your palate with a tornado of terpenes. Just like the Tasmanian devil, the tornado doesn’t stop at the terps, the whole entire experience is encompassed by the effects those terpenes created. Get ready to relax and tame any overwhelmed spirits.

Take another hard hitter straight from the arsenal of BEZEL Pandora’s box of potent pleasures and one of the most popular strains on the cannabis market at that, and you have the sweet tooth satisfier Gelato. Mainly named for its aromatic impression of the Italian dessert, this sweet-scented strain is a fusion of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato is a definite deliverer of restfulness and a calm induced euphoria, on the other hand, the garlic-like funk mixed with the lingering pungency of blue cheese might get users feeling wide awake before this Indica dominant strain brings them crashing back down on the couch.


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